How do I find an author's collective published research?


Susannah Tucker

The Scopus Author Identifier automatically matches variations of an author's name and distinguishes between authors with the same name.  All the documents belonging to a specific author are listed in the author's details page of SciVerse Scopus (including number of citations received, affiliations, h-index, and more).

  1. Begin by performing an Author Search in Scopus.
  2. Go to 'Search'
  3. Click on the 'Author search' tab
  4. Enter the author's last name in the first field
  5. Enter an initial or the first name in the next field
  6. Click on 'Search'

In the 'Author results' you will find results based on your criteria. The author name displayed will be the preferred author name along with the name variants that have also been grouped with the author's profile.

  1. Click on the number of documents listed to view all documents associated with the author, or
  2. Click on the author's name to view their author details page.

From the details page you can:

  1. Link to the same listing of documents
  2. Link to a listing of all documents the author has referenced
  3. View and link to their citations list, or view a citation overview
  4. Access the 'Author Evaluator' for a visualization of an author's output. It displays a visual overview of the author's publications by document types, subject areas, and co-authors.

If you don't have access to Scopus, you can go here to preview a specific author and check their profile for number of documents published, numbers of references, received citation, the h-index, and more. (